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How does the ramen get packed and how should we reheat it at home?

To make sure your ramen is the same quality and when you would dine with us, we have separated the broth from the noodles, protein and veggies. You can microwave the broth in the container it came in for 60-90 seconds (time will vary depending on your microwave). When removing from the microwave, be careful as the broth and cup will be very hot! Then carefully pour that hot broth on top of the noodles, veggies and other ramen toppings in the larger container. Make sure not to rehear the noodles, to ensure they do not become over cooked. Then slurp, sip, repeat!

What is the ordering & pick up process?

You can order ahead of time through our website, You can also stop in to place your order and pickup. 

Can we dine-in?

At this time, we are pickup and takeout only. We do not have any dine-in services.

How can I modify my order if it's placed?

Unfortunately at this time, you cannot modify your order once it’s placed online. Feel free to call the location you ordered from and a manager can gladly assist with any errors. 

How do I check on the status of my order after ordering on

Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation with your order. Unfortunately, you cannot track your order minute by minute but if you have any questions or concerns or find your ordering delayed, please call the location your ordered from. You can find that number on your receipt.

When will other locations be open?

Stay tuned to our Instagram, @aniramen, for more timely updates!

Do you have cocktails to-go?

We do not serve cocktails at Ani Ramen Express. But you can order to-go cocktails, as well as from a limited selection of full bottles of Japanese Whiskey, at our other Jersey City location by clicking here!

Can I use my Ani Gift Card to purchase?

At this time, Ani Ramen gift cards are not usable with our online ordering platform. If you have any questions and are looking to use your gift card, please email for further assistance.